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Carbon-free brick

Carbon-free brick

Product introduction

Carbon-containing non-fired bricks are made of magnesia or corundum as the main raw materials, and different proportions of graphite are added. The resin is used as a binder, combined with various additives, high-pressure molding, and low-temperature heat treatment. According to the different raw materials used, it is divided into two kinds of material series, magnesium carbon material RMC and aluminum magnesium carbon material AMC.

Physical and chemical indicators

(1) Magnesia carbon brick (CARBONMAG RMC)

Magnesia sand and phosphorus flake graphite are the main raw materials. It has excellent alkali slag resistance, high temperature resistant steel scouring, thermal shock resistance, and resistance to spalling and thermal conductivity. It is widely used in the working layers of steelmaking converters, electric furnaces, and ladle. The ultra-low carbon magnesia carbon brick produced by Ao'an is used in the working lining of RH vacuum refining furnace. After 10 years of development and use, it has been quite mature.

(2) Aluminum Magnesia Carbon Brick (CARBONMAG AMC)

Corundum, magnesia and phosphorus flake graphite are the main raw materials. It has good slag resistance, high temperature resistant steel penetration and scouring, thermal shock resistance and spalling resistance, and excellent high temperature mechanical flexibility. Therefore, it is widely used for the wall of the ladle and the lining of the wrapping.

(3) Ultra low carbon magnesium aluminum spinel brick (CARBONMAG UMS)

The ultra-low carbon magnesium-aluminum spinel brick developed by Ao'an refractory material is a product combining magnesium oxide and magnesium aluminum spinel as the main raw material and resin. Excellent thermal shock resistance, resistance to vacuum damage and slag resistance. Used in RH vacuum refining furnace working lining, it is the main material of RH furnace without chrome.