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"Life First Safety Development" Safety Production Month Announcement

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In order to better carry out safety education and raise employee safety awareness, at 9:00 am on June 15, 2019, the "Safe Production Month" event organized by the company's security department was held at the company's basketball court. During the event, nearly 200 copies of the leaflets were issued, nearly 100 safety education manuals were issued, two safety production slogans were hoisted on site, and two safety display kanbans were displayed.

The theme of this safety production month is “Life is supreme and safe development”. The publicity activities were hosted by Wang Jian, deputy general manager of the company's production. During the publicity activities, Minister of Security Cui Yi delivered a speech. He emphasized that safe production is the basics for enterprises to survive. When the heat is coming, all employees must be required to improve their safety awareness, improve their sense of responsibility, and do a good job in safety. Production work and the safety work of the safety month. Wang Jian, deputy general manager of production, further emphasized the significance of the “Safe Production Month” campaign. While affirming the current safety production results of the company, the company’s employees must continue to be highly vigilant and always tighten the safety production. Strings, solid advancement of safe production, overcome irritability, and strive to build a safe production environment.

The safety production month announcement was held, which kicked off the safety month activities of Anshan City Anao Refractory Materials Co., Ltd. The Ministry of Safety will organize the smooth development of various activities. The company will conscientiously implement the theme of “life first, safe development” to ensure the goal of “zero casualties, zero accidents, zero injuries” and promote the development of safe production.