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Do not forget the initial heart to remember the mission "Welcome the July 1st" Liaoshen Battle Memorial Hall learning activities

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On June 29th, the party branch of the Olympic Saddle Company launched a learning activity for the Yingyiqi Red Base, organized more than 20 party members and activists, went to the Liaoshen Campaign Memorial Hall in Jinzhou City to study and accept revolutionary tradition and patriotism re-education.

In turn, everyone visited the War History Museum, the Zhiqian Pavilion, the Yinglie Pavilion and the Panorama Gallery. In the museum, a picture of precious pictures, a piece of weapons that have been baptized by war, and a group of images that reproduce history have truly reproduced the whole process of the Liaoshen campaign and reviewed the magnificent historical process of the Liberation War. From the analysis of the war to the strategic decision, to the reversal of the war situation, it fully demonstrates the wisdom and decisiveness of our party and the infinite power of teamwork. After the visit, all party members revisited the oath of the party before the monument to the Battle of Liao.

Through this visit and study activities, all the visitors relived the revolutionary history, and felt the hard environment during the war, and the soul was baptized and purified. Everyone said that in the future work, we must not forget the original heart, remember the mission, consciously enhance the party spirit, strengthen the ideals and convictions, and strengthen the company for a high degree of political responsibility, good mental state and solid work style. Contribute strength to excellence and growth.