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Austrian Saddle Company 2018 Annual Sales Symposium Successfully Completed

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With the joy of harvest, we sent away the 2018 and ushered in a new year. On January 18, 2019, the 2018 annual sales conference of Ao'an Company was held in Taian. At the meeting, Liu Yanxu, general manager of the company, Liu Guihai, chief engineer, deputy general manager Lu Jiannong, Lu Zhiyong, Wang Jian, and other sales representatives from all over the country gathered together to share the achievements and look forward to the future.


At the meeting, the sales deputy general Lu Jian Agricultural Production 2018 sales report, a detailed analysis of the completion of various industries in 2018, arranged and deployed the 2019 sales work goals and tasks. He pointed out that the situation this year is still grim and not optimistic. The company's production, operation and development tasks are extremely arduous. The company should do a good job in safeguarding the market and stabilizing the market, and must have the spirit of self-improvement that is difficult to retreat. Confidence completes the goals and tasks assigned by the company. Subsequently, the production vice president Wang Jianzu made a summary of production in 2018, and made detailed reports on production, quality, safety and other aspects in 2018. He proposed that in 2019, the product quality and production capacity will be improved through the simultaneous upgrade of software and hardware, and the production cost will be reduced. Then, the representatives also spoke successively and put forward suggestions on the company's future development, problems in sales and their respective experiences.

At the meeting, Deputy General Manager Lu Zhiyong gave a detailed explanation of the financial regulations and systems of the unit. The chief engineer Liu Guihai explained in detail the policy issues of the coal chemical industry and the high chromium brick industry. Finally, the closing speech of Liu Zongzhi, the Saddle The company's 2018 annual sales symposium was a complete success.

At the meeting, everyone made a down-to-earth summary and actively discussed it. From time to time, bursts of applause broke out. We counted the past and we are quite rewarding. Looking ahead, we have a long way to go. The company has stood at a new starting point. We believe that with our efforts, we will be able to complete the company's 600 million goal planning in 2019, so that the company's development will reach a new level!