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"Ao'an refractory cup" welcomed the May 1st employee tug-of-war competition

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At noon on April 26, the company held the first “Welcome May 1st” staff tug-of-war competition at the basketball court. This competition aims to enrich the spare time of employees and demonstrates the importance of teamwork in the form of competitions and demonstrates the spirit of teamwork.

There are 12 teams participating in the competition, each team is 12 people. The referees are based on the principle of fairness and impartiality. The participants will go all out to show their self in the spirit of "friendship first, competition second". The whole game was carried out in an orderly manner. In the sound of the sound of the squad, the cheering and cheering, after the collision of strength and endurance, the semi-finished class A and the production department each won the first place in the men's and women's group.

Through this game, the Olympic Saddle Workers’ determination to overcome the difficulties, the confidence to overcome difficulties, the tenacious style of work, and the awareness of the overall situation have been demonstrated, and the performance, execution, and cohesiveness of various departments and sections have been effectively improved. The entrepreneurial spirit of the united and formidable employees of the Austrian saddle.