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Safe production month

阅读数:1087 Release date: 2018-06-20Reading number: 1087

In order to improve the safety and safety awareness of the company's employees, create a good "safe production month" activity atmosphere. On the morning of June 15, the company organized a 2018 "welcome nationwide seventeenth safe production month" by the Party branch and trade union of the Ministry of Security.

The theme of this activity is to vigorously promote the idea of "life first, safe development", widely publicize and popularize safety production knowledge, implement post safety responsibilities, strengthen the "red line" awareness, and provide a strong guarantee for the company's safe and healthy development. The participants in this activity include the leaders of the company's safety production management team, members of the party branch, trade union representatives, department heads, safety management personnel, and employee representatives.

Through the launch of this activity, employees' awareness of the importance of safety production has been raised, and employees' awareness and responsibility for safe production have been enhanced. In the future production, our company will continue to improve employees' awareness of safety production, standardize the operational behavior of employees' safe production, eliminate the bad behaviors of employees' illegal operation, and form a good situation in which everyone cares about safety and everyone is eager for safety. Effectively avoid the occurrence of security incidents.