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Prefabricated parts for refining furnaces

Prefabricated parts for refining furnaces

Product introduction

One of the ace products of the Austrian saddle is also one of the advantages of the traditional Osa. This product area has a number of patents. According to the needs of steel refining furnaces, various preforms (PRESET) composed of a plurality of refractory materials have been developed in steel metallurgy. Typical are RH furnace dip tubes (SNK) and CAS furnace dip covers (CSH). Osa has been producing prefabricated parts for more than 30 years. It is the pioneer of such products in China. It has also been the largest player in the Chinese market, with extensive experience and the world's leading production line. The prefabricated parts of Ao'an are characterized by excellent quality, long life, good stability, and economical and rational material selection and design.

(1) RH furnace dip tube (PRESET SNK)

The structure is complex and is pre-assembled from various materials such as magnesia chrome brick, castable, steel structural member and argon tube. Because of its global service experience and unique patented technology in production, Ao's RH dip tube market in China is the undisputed number one in quality, customer evaluation and sales.

(2) CAS furnace dip cover (PRESET CSH)

It is pre-assembled from a variety of materials such as refractory materials and steel shells. Technically comprehensive and mature, the prefabricated production line is professional and advanced, with stable quality and long service life. It is one of the main products of Ao's customer service for global steel refining furnace customers.

Physical and chemical indicators

Composition of refractory materials in prefabricated parts for refining furnaces


Dip tube

Dip hood


Inner working lining

External working lining

Inner filler

Sealed refractory mud

Upper cover

Under cover



Magnesia chrome brick

Ultra low carbon magnesium aluminum spinel brick

Corundum castable

Corundum self-flowing material

Sealed fire mud

High aluminum castable

Corundum castable