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Pure magnesia brick

Pure magnesia brick

Product introduction

Pure magnesia brick is one of the traditional advantages of the company's history for more than 50 years. Pure magnesia bricks are made of various grades of magnesia, which are formed by high pressure molding and high temperature firing. It has excellent resistance to strong alkaline slag corrosion, alkali vapor damage resistance, oxidation and reduction resistance, and good thermal conductivity. It is widely used in the working layer of metal smelting furnaces and safety lining. Such as steelmaking open hearth furnace, electric furnace, converter, mixed iron furnace, non-ferrous metal smelting flash furnace, converter, reverberatory furnace, ore furnace.

After impregnating the pure magnesia bricks with asphalt, there will be changes in physical and chemical properties such as porosity reduction and strength increase. The apparent porosity decreased by about 5% on average, the bulk density increased by about 0.05 g/cm3, the normal temperature compressive strength increased by about 20 MPa, and the load softening onset temperature increased by about 50 °C. Its slag resistance and thermal shock resistance have been greatly improved.

Physical and chemical indicators