RH refining furnace

RH refining furnace


Material recommendation

● Dip pipe lining: In the vacuum state, the molten steel mixed by the strong alkali slag with a change in alkalinity is strongly washed, and the high-pressure jet of cold argon gas acts on it, and it is also subjected to intermittent operation and sharp changes in temperature. It is the harshest working life and the shortest life part of the RH degasser. It can be said to withstand the refractory material here and can be withstand in any refining device. Ao Sao recommends the highly durable FMK series and UMS series here.

● Dip pipe lining: The refractory material here is subjected to high-pressure erosion damage and high-frequency mechanical shear failure of high alkalinity superheated steel slag with varying alkalinity, which often becomes the first damage in the whole device, causing the smelting to be interrupted. . Ao Sa has used its high-quality special castable CM-90 series products with independent knowledge products that have been improved over many years.

●Circulating pipe working lining: Here, the molten steel which is subjected to the super strong penetrating ability under vacuum is washed away, and the erosion of the high alkalinity slag is damaged. The working environment here is quite bad, which is very important for the safety of production. The quality of accidents must be guaranteed. Ao Sao recommends the highest quality FMK series and UMS series products.

● Lower tank working lining: Strong alkaline slag and molten steel subjected to excessive alkalinity change, vacuum damage, temperature damage caused by overheating damage and intermittent operation. The FMK series and UMS series are available for this part.

● Upper tank working lining: Under the erosion of high-heat alkaline gas, it is also subjected to intermittent operation and intermittent splashing and erosion of molten steel with strong alkaline slag. FMK, DMK, MAS products are available.

● Alloy feed lining: It is subject to mechanical wear under the long-term erosion of hot alkaline gas. FMK or MAS products are available.

● Vacuum chamber safety lining and hot bending pipe working lining: DMK and MAS products can be selected for long-term corrosion and mechanical damage.

● Permanent lining of the vacuum chamber: Provides the final guarantee for the safe production of the refining furnace. DMK, MAS or HAB products are available.

●The permanent lining of the hot bending pipe, the permanent lining of the alloy lowering port, the working lining of the oxygen muzzle, and the working lining of the observation port: mainly subject to mechanical stress damage, so CM-70 castable can be selected.

● Vacuum chamber steel shell and safety lining connecting material and connecting material between the circulation tube and the bottom of the pot: It is the last line of defense to eliminate unpredictable dangers and plays an extremely important role in safety production. You can choose the high quality CM-16 or CM-90 bulk material from Osa and construct it in strict accordance with the operating procedures established by Osa.

●The connection between the lining of the immersion pipe and the circulation pipe and the connection between the lower groove and the upper groove lining: Because the RH furnace is vacuum operated, the steel drilled due to the tight sealing is very dangerous, and many times cause serious safety accidents. The special sealing fire mud MM-10 is used evenly to ensure safety and does not damage the connected brick lining when the furnace is removed.